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 ¡Hola corazones! ya se que saben que me engolosiné con #Netgalley. En total pedí ocho novelas y cinco son thrillers o terror para conmemorar el mes oscuro. Es un poco complicado leer con un tiempo límite pero hasta ahora lo vengo manejando bien (en el medio tengo las lecturas de las cosas que me gustan y hasta contraté Kindle Ulimited porque estoy chapa, o leyendo a las chapas.). La siguiente, es una novela de la autora británica Gretta Mulrooney que es como especialista en thrillers y tiene esta detective (Siv Drummond) de la que sacó su segunda novela, que es la que me toca reseñar en inglés como siempre.

Ahora, la reseña en inglés:

I want to thanks #Netgalley and the publisher for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

Can a woman vanish into thin air? It’s 2013 and we witnesses the last time Adam, a nine year old kid, watches her mother, Lyn Dimas, go to the groceries and never came back.

Six years later, a body is found in a demolition site, in which they’re going to build new apartments. Detective Siv Drummond and her team get themselves a cold case who turned up to be murder.  The body of Lyn Dimas is found out tied up in a back of an old fridge in an abandoned place and re opens the investigation of the disappearance of Mrs. Dimas.

This novel goes through the entire investigation of the case and in times, reveals the problems of Siv and her team. Like Siv dealing with the dead of her husband or her conflictive relationship with her mother, Mutsi.

It was a slow reading for me, too much British slang got me in some trouble, but there’s a glossary of terms in the end of the book that you can check out.

Is a dark slow pace mystery that unfolds the complicated life of the Dimas.  All the time I feel so sorry about Adam and him carrying the fault of something he couldn’t avoid.

It was grim but yet interesting, sometimes there was just to many interrogations going on. Is like long version of one of those dramatic detective’s TV show like Vera. The pace was a little bit to slow for me, I’m get used to to fast thrillers but it was a nice reading.

For me is a three stars reading (I was pondering four since is three and a half actually). The motive and the discovery at the end it was OK but it was my first suspect since the beginning even if there is many others who had stronger motive to kill Lyn.

Ideal for fans of Wallander and such who wants a female and not so likeable (she is a bit too moody and gloom because of the grief and her job basically) older police detective.


¿Conocían a la autora? ¿Leen trhillers? Esta es muy estilo Wallander asi que se las recomiendo a todos aquellos que les gustan los procedurales ingleses.

Quiero cerrar escribiendo que por estos lares es el DIA DE LA MADRE y DE LA FAMILIA. Quiero saludar a mi madre y a mi familia que esta siempre al pie del cañón para apoyarme en las diferentes decisiones y etapas de mi vida. En especial a mi tía, ahora que mi abuela nos mira del cielo, porque es una leona que me banca en todas.


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